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General MAYSIWARE Questions
  What is MAYSIWARE?
MAYSIWARE is the software version of the MAYSI-2.  There are now two versions of MAYSIWARE:  the original version, and the 4.0 version.  Click here for a description of the differences between the two versions.
  Who should I contact if I have questions about MAYSIWARE?
For all MAYSIWARE and MAYSI-2 questions, you should contact the NYSAP project manager at
  How do I purchase MAYSIWARE?
  MAYSIWARE can be purchased by contacting Professional Resource Press.
  What is the price of MAYSIWARE?
Contact Professional Resource Press for pricing information. Please Note: After the initial purchase of MAYSIWARE there is no further cost; there is no per case fee. You only need one MAYSIWARE CD per facility. “Per facility” means that you will need to purchase only one CD if multiple computers reside in the same physical building. If your agency or facility has more than one physical building, then each building will need to register separately and have its own copy of the MAYSI-2 manual and MAYSIWARE. See the MAYSIWARE webpage for further details on this.