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MAYSI-2 Registration Questions
Does each facility in a system or state need to register?
Yes. Each physical building needs to have its own MAYSI-2 manual and needs to register to use the MAYSI-2 with NYSAP. This is done by signing the MAYSI-2 registration form located in the manual and faxing it to NYSAP.
  Do I need to register each person that will be using the MAYSI-2?
No. Only one person per facility should register. This person can then oversee MAYSI-2 use at the facility.
  Can the same person register for more than one facility?
No. One person can register for one facility. The person who registers for the facility must be physically located at that facility to oversee MASYI-2 use. If you are supervising MAYSI-2 use, but are not at the facility, you can give NYSAP your contact information separately, so that NYSAP will contact you with questions, but you cannot be the registrant.
  Do I need to register the MAYSI-2 manual if I registered MAYSIWARE?
Yes. You need to send in a registration form from your MAYSI-2 manual before you can register MAYSIWARE. You will then need to send in the registration form for MAYSIWARE (located in the software). You must have a MAYSI-2 manual and be registered to use the MAYSI-2 before you will be allowed to register MAYSIWARE.