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MAYSIWARE Features Questions
  Does MAYSIWARE have English & Spanish versions of the MAYSI-2?
Yes. The Youth can choose to take an English or Spanish version.  Both versions have an auditory component, so the youth not only sees the questions in English or Spanish, but can also hear them in his/her chosen language.
  Can I export data from MAYSIWARE?
Yes. Anyone with access to the Administrator Options screen can export data in SPSS or Microsoft Excel formats. Names of individuals will not be exported, but you have the ability to customize other data to export along with the date range of data to export. See exporting instructions here.
Can I still export data if I do not have Excel or SPSS?
Yes. If you do not have SPSS or Excel, you can still export the data and save it as an SPSS or Excel file.  But you will need to transfer the file to a computer that does have SPSS or Excel in order to view the exported data.
  Are the Second Screening Forms included in MAYSIWARE?
Yes. Second Screening forms will print out with the report and you can enter in the second screening answers at a later date and save them in the youth's file.