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Technical Questions about MAYSIWARE
What type of computer specifications do I need to run MAYSIWARE?
  Most, if not all, new computers will easily meet these minimum system requirements.

Processor: Pentium 4 or Higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM (minimum)
Operating System: Windows XP SP3 (32-bit only), Vista (SP1 or newer; 32-bit or 64-bit), or 7 (with or without any service packs; 32-bit or 64-bit)
  Disk Space: 10 GB Free
  Monitor: Resolution of 800x600 or higher
Internet Connection: You are required to have an available internet connection. You will need to connect in order to install and update MAYSIWARE. You do not have to be connected once installation and updates are completed.
Is MAYSIWARE Compatible with Windows 10?
No. MAYSIWARE 4.0 is only compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. It will NOT work on Windows 10 or later versions.
If I had the original version of MAYSIWARE and recently upgraded to MAYSIWARE 4.0, can my old data be transferred into the new MAYSIWARE database?
Yes. For detailed instructions please email us at
Does MAYSIWARE come with SQL or do I need to install it separately?
SQL Server 2005 is built into MAYSIWARE, so when you install MAYSIWARE you will be installing SQL. SQL can make your computer vulnerable to viruses so make sure your IT person has spoken with you about securing your computer. You must use the version of SQL that is installed with MAYSIWARE. Even if you already have SQL installed on your computer, MAYSIWARE will install its own SQL database and must use its own SQL database.
  Do I need a printer for MAYSIWARE?
While a printer is not required, it is strongly recommended. You will need the computer either connected to a printer or to the internet in order to print out the MAYSIWARE registration form or to send it via the internet. This registration form is located in the software and must be submitted electronically or printed and faxed to NYSAP. You also may wish to have a printer connected so that you can print out reports, site norms, second screening questions, etc.
  Do I need internet for MAYSIWARE?
Yes, you need internet in order to install and update MAYSIWARE during the registration process. However, you do not need internet to run MAYSIWARE.
Can I locally network multiple computers with MAYSIWARE?
Yes, you can locally network up to 30 computers within a facility and all MAYSI administrations given on any of the networked computers will be combined in one complete database, which will appear on all computers. Facilities have used MAYSIWARE with up to 20 locally networked computers and have not reported any trouble.
Can I install MAYSIWARE on a computer that has the old MAYSI-2 Voice software?
Yes. Installing MAYSIWARE will not cause any problems with the old software. MAYSIWARE is not an update, it is an entirely new program built on a SQL server platform. Your old data from the MAYSI-2 CD will remain in the text file and it will not be touched or changed by MAYSIWARE.
Can I import my old MAYSI-2 CD data into MAYSIWARE? Can I import any data into MAYSIWARE?
No. Unfortunately, MAYSIWARE is not capable of importing data from the old MAYSI-2 CD. No data can be imported into MAYSIWARE.
Can I export my MAYSIWARE data to Excel or SPSS?
Yes. You can do this easily! Just follow these simple steps.
  2. Click on Administrator Options
  3. Click on Data Control
  4. Click on Export to SPSS or Excel
  5. In the first date box, select the beginning date for data to export.
  6. In the second date box select the end date for the data you wish to export.
  7. All the boxes in the list of data fields should be checked. If you do not wish to export all of the data, uncheck the boxes of the data fields you do not wish to export.
  8. Select OK
  9. If you do not have SPSS* or Excel it will ask you a location to save the data, save the data to somewhere you will be able to find it (like the desktop).  Please do not attempt to open the file as it could corrupt the file.
    1. If you do have SPSS or Excel, SPSS or Excel will open with the exported data.  Select to save the database to your desktop and then close the SPSS or Excel file and you will remain in MAYSIWARE.
* If you do not have SPSS and you export your data to an SPSS file, please make sure that the file saves with a .sav extension. If it does not, then when you save the exported file, add .sav to the end of the file name.
So how can I compare and analyze my old data with the new MAYSIWARE data?
That's easy! First, import your old MAYSI-2 data into an Excel or SPSS file. Now export your MAYSIWARE data into an Excel or SPSS file (done by the click of a button!). MAYSIWARE has a lot more data fields so you should import the old MAYSI-2 data into the MAYSIWARE file and then you can compare and analyze your combined data.
Can I integrate MAYSIWARE into our facility's software system or alter MAYSIWARE in any way? Can MAYSIWARE be used on a WAN?
No, we will not allow MAYSIWARE to be integrated into systems or altered in any way. MAYSIWARE data can be easily exported to SPSS or Excel (by the click of a button in MAYSIWARE) and sites can import the exported MAYSIWARE data into their systems if they so choose, but they may not extract data from MAYSIWARE or alter MAYSIWARE in any way.

No, MAYSIWARE cannot be used on a WAN. It is a local database software and must be installed on each computer within a physical building and can only be networked locally (within the 1 physical building) according to our MAYSIWARE licensing agreements.
My computer has SQL server on it already, can I just incorporate MAYSIWARE into the same SQL database I am already using?
No. SQL Server 2005 allows for multiple instances of the software to be installed on the same machine, as long as they are each named differently. You can install MAYSIWARE on a computer that already has SQL Server, but you must keep the database that is created by the MAYSIWARE setup or MAYSIWARE will not recognize it and MAYSIWARE will fail to work.
  Can I install MAYSIWARE onto a server?
No. Do not install MAYSIWARE onto your server and try to get other computers to connect to the software. MAYSIWARE was designed to function as a local database and for all data to remain on the local database. If you attempt to put MAYSIWARE on a server, this will cause problems with MAYSIWARE. If you do attempt to do this, we will not be able to offer you technical assistance; you will need to resolve the problems that arise on your own. So, please install MAYSIWARE as specified in the MAYSIWARE User's Guide, meaning install on each computer and network them locally through MAYSIWARE if you wish to do so. MAYSIWARE acts as its own local database server. You must install MAYSIWARE on all computers and if you wish to localy network them (within 1 physical building), one of the computers must act as a "server" and the others will act as "clients". Please see the MAYSIWARE User's Guide for further instructions.
Can I network MAYSIWARE across multiple facilities in my state?
No. MAYSIWARE can only be networked locally, within a physical building. We designed the software so it would function as a local database for a variety of reasons. We realize that some agencies may be disappointed by this, but if you want to analyze data from all of your state facilities at a later date, it is really easy to do so. All you need to do is have each facility click on the export data option and the data can be exported into an SPSS or Excel file. The data will be formatted and coded. The facility can also select what data to export, but the name and DOB will stripped from the exported data. Each facility can then e-mail the file to the state agency and the state agency can easily combine all the files from each facility as they will all have the same data fields and be formatted in the same way. The state facility can then easily analyze the data. Another option is that the facilities can print out their site norms and then send these to the state agency and the state agency can look at the site norms for each facility.
If you do not think MAYSIWARE is right for your facility, you can continue to use the paper and pencil version, or purchase our newly developed Web MAYSI-2.
I have the trial version of MAYSIWARE, what do I do to get a nontrial version?
If you have the trial version of MAYSIWARE, this is actually the full version of MAYSIWARE, all you need to do is unlock it by registering it. Please see above for how to register your software. DO NOT uninstall and reinstall MAYSIWARE or install MAYSIWARE again over the existing version, this will cause many problems!