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PLEASE NOTE: MAYSIWARE is no longer available for sale as of July 1, 2017.

MAYSIWARE is the electronic version of the MAYSI-2. It was designed by Shannon Maney, M.A., at UMass Medical School, and was developed by POSoftware. MAYSIWARE offers many features, such as the administration of the MAYSI-2 in both English and Spanish (with both English and Spanish auditory components), instant score reports, a case database, national norms, dynamic site norms, data exporting capabilities, security features, and the ability to locally network multiple computers.

MAYSIWARE is separated into three distinct sections: Cases, Start MAYSI-2, and Administrator Options. Each of these three sections has its own security/access. The MAYSIWARE administrator will decide what type of access to grant each employee; the employee can have access to all three of the screens, only one, or any combination of access. Generally, the administrator will not want to grant administrator access to many employees, as options can be changed.

MAYSIWARE was built on SQL Server 2005 which automatically saves data, without having to click on a save button. MAYSIWARE also allows for an automatic backup system whereby all of the data can be backed up to the C:/ Drive, a network drive, a zip drive, or USB flash drive on a regularly scheduled basis. This way, if anything happens, MAYSIWARE allows you to restore your database from the backup database that you have been maintaining.

MAYSIWARE can be networked in your facility, by changing a few simple options upon install. If you are planning on networking with MAYSIWARE, your facility's IT/IS person should install and configure MAYSIWARE as well as setup a local database network. When MAYSIWARE Is networked, one of the MAYSIWARE computers serves as the local database server and all other computers serve as clients. After networking, all the MAYSIWARE data entered on one computer will appear on all of the other computers, as the data will be shared. This will be helpful if your facility wants to see site norms based on all MAYSIs administered. MAYSIWARE cannot be installed on a server, because MAYSIWARE is a local database software.

The site norms for facilities are calculated through MAYSIWARE and are compared to the National Norms for the facility type. MAYSIWARE calculates the percent above caution and the percent above warning for girls and boys on each scale and this can also be further divided by race. The National Norms (Vincent & Grisso, William T. Grant Foundation) that are contained in the bar graphs, next to the site norms for each scale, are based on a metanalysis of MAYSI-2 data collected from juvenile justice sites throughout the country. The national norms that appear are based on the type of facility that was entered (Detention, Corrections, Intake Probation, Other) upon first opening MAYSIWARE. If Other had been chosen for the facility type, then the National Norms will be unavailable and only the dynamic site norms will be available for viewing.

MAYSIWARE: Registration & Licenses