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Registration & Licenses

Before you can register MAYSIWARE, you must register your MAYSI-2 Manual

After you have purchased and installed MAYSIWARE, a MAYSIWARE icon will appear on your desktop; this is the shortcut to the MAYSIWARE software. If you click on this icon, the MAYSIWARE evaluation copy screen will appear. This small screen will give you four options: Registration Form, Register, Use Trial Version, or Quit. At this point you will need to click the Registration Form button, you will click through the first screen and after reading the registration agreement you will click next to fill in the MAYSIWARE registration form. You will need to complete all aspects of this form, otherwise you will not be able to move on.

After completing the form you will move to the next screen which will give you the option to e-mail the form or to print and fax the form. The preferable way to send the form to NYSAP is through e-mail, so if you have an internet connection, please send the registration form electronically. In order to register computers, MAYSIWARE must be installed on each of the computers in your facility first, so please do this before sending NYSAP your registration form. You will also need to update all of your computers (administrator options - check for updates) so you will need internet access. After the updates, you will need to click on the Register button and a Product Key will pop up. You will need to e-mail NYSAP a product key for each computer and NYSAP will e-mail you back with a serial number for each computer for that particular facility. A serial number will only work on the computer it was given for, it will not work if you try to enter it on another computer and this is also prohibited by the MAYSIWARE installation agreement.

If, after first installing MAYSIWARE, you do not have time to register MAYSIWARE right away, then you can select to Use Trial Version and you will have 14 days to use MAYSIWARE before the trial expires. After 14 days you will be unable to open MAYSIWARE, unless you register with NYSAP and obtain a serial number. Any MAYSIs administered and any data entered during the trial period will be retained when you register the software, so you do not have to worry about losing data if you start with the trial and then move onto the registered version.

After the initial purchase of MAYSIWARE there is no further cost; there is no per case fee, no per license charge, nor any charge for technical assistance through NYSAP. You only need one MAYSIWARE CD per facility (per facility means that you will need to purchase only one CD if multiple computers reside in the same physical building); however, NYSAP will arrange for the facility to obtain licenses for each computer. The maximum number of serial numbers per facility that will be given is 30. This is different from agencies or any other MAYSIWARE purchaser with multiple locations, as agencies will need to purchase multiple MAYSIWARE CDs, one for each physical facility or location.

Important! You must install, obtain product key, and register MAYSIWARE all under the same Windows log-in! This is necessary for your computer to be registered correctly. After the registration is complete, then you can use MAYSIWARE by logging in though any Windows log-in that allows MAYSIWARE access.

For a printable PDF version of the registration instructions, please click here: